Career Planning

KIPP Forward provides access to career development programs and resources for our alumni. There are career planning steps for every level of education and experience. 

Career development is the process of finding your footing in your professional life by learning, networking, and skill-building. This process involves assessing where you are now compared to where you want to be and creating a plan to get there. Career development doesn’t start after college/a certificate program. It can and should be a process that you work through continuously.

(Year 1 after high school)
  • Join an organization/club related to career field
  • Complete an informational interview with someone in career of choice
  • Be able to clearly articulate strengths, areas  for growth, & values
  • Research the steps required & earnings for career paths of interest
(Year 2 after high school)
  • Build a robust LinkedIn profile & share with network to endorse skills
  • Have completed or on track to complete an internship after the summer of sophomore year
  • Visit career hubs such as campus career centers or local community centers
(Years 3+ after high school)
  • Have a current resume & be comfortable tailoring it based on job search
  • Have a practiced elevator pitch
  • Apply for paid summer internships with Accenture Summer Internships or KIPP Forward’s RSO Alumni Internship Program (AIP)

Career Development Programs

Braven Career Accelerator at SJSU

This course is a vibrant learning experience that gives you the roadmap and tools to channel your ambition and hard work. Open to all undergraduate students (no major requirement). Click here


Coursera Training Program

Acquire 2 distinct certifications, enhancing prospects for entry-level internships & careers within the tech industry. Open to all alumni & high school Seniors. Click here to apply by 9/22/23!


Mentorship & Networking from Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)

MLT Ascend is a college success and career readiness program for students who are in their 1st or 2nd year in college, Black, Latinx, and/or Native American, & low to moderate-income and/or first-generation. Click here


Internship Programs

Accenture Summer Internships (Paid)

Join the Accenture team at a leading global professional services company! Summer Analysts work in business & technology consulting roles. Open to alumni in at least year 2 of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program with at least a 2.8 GPA. Deadline has past.


KIPP RSO Alumni Internship Program (AIP) (Paid)

Designed to help jumpstart KIPP alumni careers by providing exposure to a variety of paid internships across business fields. Open to all alumni enrolled in a postsecondary program & located in the Bay Area for the summer. Deadline has past.


Kaiser Permanente Launch (KP Launch) (Paid)

Interns are provided with work experience that expose them to administrative and supporting careers in health care environments. For alumni currently enrolled in a community college, four-year undergraduate college or university, vocational or trade school at the time of application within one academic year. Application opens 11/20/23!


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