Finishing Strong!

Hello KIPP Alumni!

We want to share some resources and updates. As spring semester/quarter comes to a close, we encourage you to do your best to finish strong! This semester did not go how we expected it to go. Despite the challenges, we want to celebrate your resilience, strength, and ability to adapt. Many of us continue to feel the ripple effects of this pandemic on our lives and our loved ones’ lives. 

As always, please reach out to Katy or Denise if you have any questions or concerns come up. 

Please check out our KTC COVID-19 Resource Roundup! We update this document with regional resources (SF, San Jose, East Bay).



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CARES Funding

  • Sac State Students: You will automatically receive a grant disbursement. If you have any questions, please contact or review this website
  • SFSU Students: You will be notified by May 21 if you will receive funding. Please visit this website for more information. 
  • CCSF Students: You may have received a grant if you qualified. Please visit this website for more information.
  • Sonoma State Students: You may have received an automatic grant or you may be able to apply. Please visit this website for more information.
  • UC Davis Students: You may be eligible for funds by May 15! Please visit this website for more information.
  • ALL Students: Please check to see if your campus is awarding these emergency grants and how you can check to see if you are eligible! Try searching, “(campus name) CARES Act”


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Changing grading option: 

Did you know that you may have the ability to change your grading option for the spring 2020 semester/quarter? This means that you can either get a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) OR Credit/Pass or No Credit/No Pass. Each school has different rules for changing your grading option. This can help to take off pressure from bringing down your GPA this semester. This can help in most situations but there are exceptions. Please contact your KTC advisor if you have any questions about how this can affect you. 

  • SSU Students: Deadline to change your grading option was May 8. Read more here.
  • CCSF Students: Deadline to change your grading option or drop a class with an Excused Withdraw was May 8. You can still petition if needed. Read more here.
  • SFSU Students: Deadline to change your grading option is May 26. Read more here
  • UCD Students: Deadline to change your grading option is June 4. Read more here.
  • ALL Students: Please check to see your campus grading policy. Search for “(campus name) COVID grading”


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Getting ready for finals!

  • Time management, pace yourself. Check out our previous Time Management Tips
  • Communicate with your professors about your struggles and needs. Your professors can work with you to make adjustments and help you understand what you need to do to pass your class. 
  • Seek help and support if needed. Try checking out tutoring centers, office hours, or study groups!

Practicing Self-Care:

Check out this list of fun activities to do indoors! 

Self-Love Languages, What's Yours? - Blessing Manifesting


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Summer Plans:

Plan to take summer classes? Submit an application as soon as possible at Open CCC!  Reach out to Denise or Katy if you need help with the process. 

Looking for jobs or internships? 

  1. Search for online and remote jobs:
  2. Search for job and internships:


Check out this webinar on financial planning during a crisis by KIPP alumna, Ashley Copeland



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